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The Bay Area Migration to Sacramento

The Bay Area Migration to Sacramento

The Bay Area Migration to Sacramento

San Francisco residents are packing their bags and headed to the state capitol. With Bay area housing prices and rents continuing to rise, and a job market that has slowed, the city of San Francisco is losing its residents to the nearby Sacramento metropolitan area. Millennials who are looking to buy their first home and a generation looking to downsize both realize that their earnings and resources can go three times farther by living in the Sacramento area.

Bay area costs are making it nearly financially impossible for millennials and downsizing seniors to stay in the city.  The latest surveys are showing that one-in-four residents are leaving San Francisco due to the high cost of housing and are searching the Sacramento market.  Redfin shows that the median-priced home in the city is well over $900,000 compared to $315,000 in Sacramento.  With that sort of difference, Sacramento homebuyers are more able to afford full yards and garages, luxuries that are considered dreams in the Bay area, and still walk away with substantial cash in the pockets.

The migration to Sacramento is not just by residents.  Many companies are packing up and moving out of the Bay Area as well as Sacramento boasts an increasing job market, a great balance of farm-to-fork living, and a growing “big city” vibe.  

The community of Elverta Park in the town of Antelope has been an overlooked neighborhood for many Bay Area home shoppers. Situated on the north edge of Sacramento, Antelope offers easy access to the employment and entertainment hubs of downtown Sacramento and Roseville/Rocklin while still maintaining a relaxed and family atmosphere. With a variety of outdoor recreation including bike paths, golf courses, and large regional parks, Elverta Park fits the desired home ownership lifestyle of many Bay Area residents leaving the city. 

With much more reasonable cost of living, Sacramento still has much to offer those who think they’d be missing out on the city life. Whether it’s local breweries, the American River Parkway, the beautiful farmland scenery, or the central location to a variety of destinations (think Napa, Tahoe, and even San Francisco itself!), Sacramento is the perfect place to call home!

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