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Buyers Are Finding Improved Lifestyle with a Lateral Move

Buyers Are Finding Improved Lifestyle with a Lateral Move

Buyers Are Finding Improved Lifestyle with a Lateral Move

Moves don’t have to be epic. You certainly don’t have to move cross country in order to enjoy the benefits of a new home. You don’t have to go far or disrupt your life in any major way. On the upside, a new home can bring with it new ways of living, new ways of organizing your space, and new opportunities. 

What is a Lateral Move?

A lateral move is moving within the same general area to accommodate changes in our lives and significantly improving our quality of life. Homebuyers often decrease their commute time to work or school, growing families can gain more acreage or square footage, and empty nesters can reduce yardwork and square footage to clean and maintain.  But, if you’re currently living in an older house, there is yet another huge benefit to this kind of lateral move – buying a new home! 

If you are currently living in an older home, then you’re likely facing an array of upkeep issues. The truth is that spending time and money on maintenance is just a fact of life with an older home.   Constantly fixing house problems can be a real drain on not only your time but also on your resources. Maintaining an older home can be very expensive, and it is a constant distraction. That is why so many homebuyers are feeling so liberated when they change courses and buy a new, modern home

Once you’ve moved into a new home, you will probably wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your living situation without wondering about what impending repair is coming up around the bend. There is a real psychological boost that comes with a brand new trouble-free living space.

Say Goodbye to the Old Home Blues

Saying goodbye to the “old home blues” is just one of the benefits of making a lateral move. New homes offer features that old houses simply can’t touch, such as open floor plans, modern kitchens, solar power built right in and, of course, a beautiful warranty! Everything is new, modern and ready to go in a new, and the added factor of a warranty is the cherry on top of the sundae. 

Whether you’re seeking new homes for sale in Sacramento or new homes for sale in Reno, you’ll find ample options with Silverado Homes. To date, we’ve built over 5,000 new homes. Reach out today, and we can assist you with your lateral move.