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It’s Time to Get to Know Your Neighbors

It’s Time to Get to Know Your Neighbors

It’s Time to Get to Know Your Neighbors

There are many reasons that people have embraced the Elverta Park community. On top of the list is the fact that residents have the chance to meet, and actually get to know, their neighbors. Elverta Park was created to be the kind of new home community where people really get to know those who live around them.

The History of Community

In recent decades lifestyles have changed considerably. In the past, people tended to live in smaller areas and knew each other better. It was not uncommon for someone to drop in unexpectedly to help a sick neighbor or to “borrow some sugar” for a recipe. Today, however, people are much farther removed from those living around them. Sometimes they never even meet them at all.

In our highly-mobile society, people (especially those living in cities) always seem “on the go.” Frequent moves are common for a variety of reasons including relocations due to work, school or simply to get a change of scenery. As a result, some never put proper effort into getting to know those around them. It should come as no surprise that this situation contributes to loneliness and isolation.

A 2015 study from City Observatory pointed out that a third of people living in the United States have never interacted with their neighbors. Yet, research also show that those who know and trust their neighbors report higher levels of well-being and are even healthier! Many people who do invest the time to get to know their neighbors discover new lifelong friends along with many other benefits.

Get to Know Your Neighbors at Elverta Park

New homes in Sacramento pop up all the time, but all too often those homes are not seen as being part of a larger and more dynamic community. At Elverta Park, residents value their neighbors and seek to enhance the neighborhood. You can see this through everything from friendly smiles and waves exchanged on the sidewalk to specially planned special events like dinner parties and community pop-up painting events.

During the conceptualization phase of the development of Elverta Park, we sought to create a special new home community where neighbors feel welcome and there is the opportunity to cultivate a true sense of community. Every day residents meet and enjoy each other’s company at Cherry Blossom Park, which is complete with a playground, BBQ pits, and shade structures. 

Getting Back to What’s Important

Communities like Elverta Park are at the forefront of helping us reclaim a key part of social life that has been missing from people’s lives. Whether it’s helping to keep your community safe or dealing with any locally relevant issue, knowing your neighbors can be tremendously helpful. The simple fact is that you never know when something might go wrong and you immediately need a friend to lend a hand. Communities are about helping one another.  

The benefits of knowing your neighbors can be especially evident during the holidays. Neighborhood holiday parties and beautiful decorations can help make one feel part of a community. While there are plenty of options where one can live, there are emotional, psychological and even physical benefits to living in a new home community. When you’re looking at your options for new homes in Sacramento, it’s important to first contemplate how important community is to you and your family.