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3 Reasons to Buy a New Home Over a Resale Home

3 Reasons to Buy a New Home Over a Resale Home

3 Reasons to Buy a New Home Over a Resale Home

If you’re considering moving in the near future, then you’ve probably asked yourself:

“Should I buy a new home or a resale?”

To help you make this decision, there are a few other questions you should ask yourself. 

Will I have the time and cash to regularly fix stuff such as broken appliances, home maintenance, and upgrades? Am I good with “making do” with an older floorplan that may not be a  really good fit for my family and our needs? What about potential safety risks, especially in the event of a natural disaster or another emergency? Are you willing to compromise your safety?

We know the answer is likely “no.”

Keep on reading to learn about the benefits of buying a new home over a resale one. 

  1. Increased Overall Energy Efficiency

A new home will be much more energy efficient than an older one (in fact, our homes at Elverta Park offer built-in solar power.) 

Newer homes also use more energy efficient windows with higher-quality glass.

This way, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to worry about any potential draft and cracks through which warm or cold air can escape — which means you won’t get any uncomfortable surprises when your monthly energy bill arrives. 

  1. Better Neighborhood Amenities 

More and more families are opting for newly constructed houses over older homes because greater care is given to the surrounding community and the overall neighborhood quality of life. 

If you go with a home in an older neighborhood, you may have to drive several miles out of your way in order to get the things you need every day. That’s because older homes were built far before the current community was established — and newer homes can be built in much more convenient locations.

When you opt for a new home, you’ll be much closer to things like playgrounds, BBQ pits, employment opportunities, shopping, and restaurants. 

  1. Modern Design

New homes offer sleeker, more modern design — and the technology to go along with it. 

You’ll be able to enjoy advanced technology features like up-to-date wiring, better security systems, carbon monoxide detectors, and much more. Even the cabinetry and carpeting included with a new home will be made with fewer volatile organic compounds.  

Plus, having a more modern home means fewer upgrades and a better future value should you ever decide to sell. 

Are You Ready to Buy a New Home?

Maybe it’s time to take a look at new home alternatives. 

At Elverta Park in Antelope, CA, you can choose from a variety of different available homes, floorplans, and styles. 

This way, your home can fit your needs, instead of the other way around. 

Curious to learn more? 

Reach out to us today to get started on making your dream home a reality.