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Buying a new home? It makes sense to use a preferred lender!

Buying a new home? It makes sense to use a preferred lender!

Buying a new home? It makes sense to use a preferred lender!

Have you been out searching and searching for a new home and, finally, you’ve found the one! First things first, CONGRATULATIONS! But, now you need to get a loan. You’ve likely met and pre-qualified with the homebuilder’s “preferred lender.” But, what does “preferred lender” really mean? And… Why should you use a preferred lender as opposed to finding financing on your own?

Finding the right lender is a BIG deal. You want a someone that will be there every step of the way. A lender that will help guide you through the process of buying a home in Sacramento, answer your questions and ensure you get to closing without any surprises.

There are a number of advantages to using a builder’s preferred lender.


When you get financing through the preferred lender you benefit from their close relationship with the management, construction and sales teams. You are more likely to get answers to questions much faster. The preferred lender is informed and educated on the intricacies of the community and homes. They give you first-hand knowledge to make the best decisions.

In addition, preferred lenders know the construction process and can help you plan for the time it takes to build your home in Sacramento or Roseville. They provide advice on the right loans, how to prepare for interest rate changes and budgeting for upgrades and design appointments, so you not only get the home you want you get the home you can afford.


A preferred lender is a trusted lender. The homebuilder has chosen them for their expertise in new home financing. The lender also offers exclusive closing incentives and unique financing options to the homebuyer. It is a common misconception that the builder will get a “kickback” if a homebuyer uses the preferred lender. This is not true. The homebuilder does not receive any money when a buyer uses the preferred lender. The homebuilder wants the homebuyer to use a preferred lender to ensure that the home closes on time.


When a closing gets delayed it is not only frustrating for a homebuyer, it is frustrating for the homebuilder as well. Every day that the completed home sits empty costs the homebuilder money. Homebuilders want the process of closing to go as smoothly as possible for all involved. Using a preferred lender that is familiar with that homebuilder’s new home loan and construction process will ensure a timely closing. They are deeply experienced in every step of the homebuilder’s process and know precisely every document that is required. The preferred lender is skilled at keeping the financial end of the process moving, so both the homebuyer and homebuilder have the peace of mind that your closing will go on as scheduled.


Preferred lenders don’t work “banker hours” either. They want to get you in your new home as soon as possible. They will work nights and weekends to make sure your transaction proceeds along smoothly and you are ready to close as soon as your home is ready.

If you want to have an expert in new home financing on your side, take advantage of the special incentives and get in your new home as timely as possible, using a preferred lender is the way to go.  Talk to other buyers who have used a preferred lender. Your best decision is an informed one.


Building a new home should be a rewarding experience from start to finish, including the financing. Silverado Homes makes it easy to use a preferred lender, in fact, we have several different lenders you can choose from. Also, all preferred lenders offer competitive rates with a variety of programs and terms designed to meet the diverse needs of new construction homebuyers. We provide each of our clients the same dedication to quality and innovation as your homebuilder. Silverado Homes’ preferred lenders will work closely with you to deliver a positive, professional experience each and every time.

Contact Silverado Homes for a list of preferred lenders to help you start your journey to homeownership!